For An Audience Of Business Leaders

The answers to four questions tells you the story of your business and will help you shape your next moves

Our work as leader is all consuming and complicated. A holistic view, blending logical and emotional intelligence, is a key underpinning of success.  The faster we orientate the quicker we move.  The clearer we see the big picture the more effectively we act. This engaging talk or keynote highlights the recurrent ingredients of teams that outperform, provokes thought and shares pragmatic approaches to how we look at and operate our businesses.

Audience members will:
> reflect on their business today & their decisions on current priorities
> learn pragmatic methods for organised thought & agile decision making
> be inspired to adopt helpful mindsets that augment their current thinking

For An Audience Of Entrepreneurs

How to build a business others are inclined to buy.

The acquirer doesn’t see our business as we see it. They see it through their own lens. How attractive is our business to a buyer? How do buyers set about assessing a potential acquisition? What don’t we know that we might want to know long before we begin a business sale process? And what if we build for years with an exit in mind then discover no buyer can be found or no deal can be completed? Rob has been engaged in over 50 actual and potential acquisitions across the world and provides some perspectives.

Audience members will:
> reflect on their business today & their decisions on current priorities
> gain a business buyer perspective on common pitfalls that impact founders
> learn a straightforward lens & framework for consciously developing their organisation

For An Audience Of Department Leaders

Your department is a business, do you run it as such?

Today more than ever before, because of a convergence of global shifts, technological developments and cultural trends, there is a unique opportunity for those of us in leadership positions to have a hugely positive demonstrable impact on the organisations and people we serve. We need to deliver results and reinvention in parallel. That applies to both our business and our team. How do we set about delivering what we need to deliver? This talk or keynote provides some perspectives.

Audience members will:
> reflect on their current operating realities & priorities
> learn a straightforward lens & framework for consciously developing their function
> reflect on the contribution they deliver to their colleagues & wider organisation

Online Presentation

Below is a short abridged video snapshot of both the prelude to and a live presentation at the second day of The 12th MHRA International Conference. The title and focus of the conference was Future Fit Organisations: Proactive HR. MHRA is the Macedonian Human Resource Association. The conference was held online for the first time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Watch Intro Video

Shifting Gears

From Functional HR Excellence To Confident Business Leadership (Abridged Snapshot)

Presentation Reactions

'The second day of the 12 International MHRA Conference was opened with the amazing presentations by Rob Evans and Carlamaria Tiburtini.'

- Macedonian Human Resources Association (MHRA)

'Great session Rob. The ability to simplify and make sense of our complex and uncertain world is vital for leaders. Thank you.'

- Bob Morton, Past President at World Federation Of People Management Associations (WFPMA)

'Thanks to Rob Evans for being a fantastic co-panelist.'

- Carlamaria Tiburtini, Senior HRBP at Avio Aero - a GE Aviation Business

'Pleasure working with you!'

- Illya Baranyuk, Intern at MHRA

For An Audience Of Sales Professionals

They hold the budget and you hold the quota, how do you bridge the two?

How do we inspire others’ confidence in us?  To sell to ‘the business’ we need to think like a business leader.  How consciously do we build credibility and trust?  The more confident we feel the more proactively we are able to act.  The more we know the more confident we feel. How do we set about knowing what we don’t know? And what does effective relationship building with a business leader look like over time? This talk or keynote provides you with some perspectives.

Audience members will:
> gain a business leader perspective of what’s required to sell to business leaders
> learn a simple method for consciously building business leader relationships
> reflect on & be given impetus & confidence in their engagement with business leaders

For An Audience Of Professionals

Steering your career along the road ahead, how to navigate the future of work.

We don’t know what the future holds. We do have some clues. It’s a time of great challenge. And great opportunity. We need to navigate our career whatever the circumstances. What do we focus on? What mindsets do we adopt? How do we operate? This talk or keynote provides you with a framework to stand the test of the most testing of times.

Audience members will:
> learn a pragmatic framework for use in career & personal development
> reflect on what they can & can’t influence in work & life
> be inspired to consciously & proactively shape their career journey

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Three Roles Three Goals

Rob Evans

Highly Experienced International Business Executive

Real World Operational Focus

Rob's content, insights and methodologies encapsulate the lessons of over three decades of international business experience and related research, observation and reflection. 

In a rich and varied international business career Rob has been:

  • Operationally engaged with over 150 businesses around the world
  • Closely involved in over 50 actual or potential acquisition transactions
  • A part of a senior management team that grew a South African domestic business into a dual listed technology group employing over 8,500 people and operating in over 80 countries
  • Nominated for the South Africa CFO Of The Year Award when serving as Chief Financial Officer of a $6.5 Bn turnover group  

'I had the pleasure of working with Rob Evans whilst at Logicalis and I can't speak more highly about him. Not only is Rob incredibly insightful and knowledgeable, he is a genuine person and great fun to be around. Love his stuff.'

- Gary Lomas, Sales Director at Onnec Group

'I am a huge fan of Rob and encourage you to check this out, he has great insights  #improvedoutcomes'

- Gahn Lane, Vice President Global Channel Partners And Alliances at Pindrop

'Rob has very strong strategic and operational credentials having worked extensively around the world and held a wide range of financial, operational and M&A roles'

- Extract From Corporate Stock Exchange Announcement

'I would thoroughly recommend Rob's courses. He is a very successful and astute business leader with a wealth of experience to share.'

- Mark Graham, CIO at The Counselling Foundation

'Fantastic Practical Learning Experience'

- Mevin Anenden, Senior Client Manager at Logicalis

'All the critical issues we face in building a business are dealt with cleverly and interestingly'

- Chris Griffiths, Marketing Director at Travel A La Carte Ltd

'Rob has packaged his experience and research into a well thought out framework, delivered in an entertaining and easy to consume way'

- Lynn Murphy, Chief Executive Officer at Plugable Technologies

'Plenty of food for thought. It gets you to think of how you are running the business and gives you ways of improving'

- Ian Edwards, Business Manager at The Westgrove Group

'Loving the inspirational videos Rob!'

- Iqbal Singh Bedi, Founder Of Award Winning Intelligens Consulting

'Great Rob! Thanks to share so many content, rich content!'

- Ernesto Schlesinger, Founder Partner at Jequitiba Investimentos

'Rob Evans #Kudos. Thank you for always bringing your best self to work #InspirationalLeader.'

- Faizal Bahemia, Chief Commercial Officer at Innobox and Co-Founder of BGlam

'Liking your new venture very much and am sure will give you lots of great satisfaction helping people achieve even more'

- Subhash Ramatour, Finance Director at Macks Ltd

'Rob Evans Friday moments - genuinely some absolute gems of knowledge and tough questions to ask yourself all backgrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet'

- Chris Gabriel, Chief Strategy Officer  at Sapphire Systems

'I look forward to your Question on a Friday Rob Evans'

- Gary Swale, Chief Engagement Officer at Inspirze Context Technology

'Surrounding yourself with the people that will help push challenge and support you is so important - especially when you work on your own. Thanks for a great meeting Rob, I'm truly energised now!'

- Theresa Carnall, Marketing Coach at TBC Marketing

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