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    1. Welcome

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    1. What We Are Setting Out To Do

    1. Introducing Friday's Question

    1. Our Curiosity

    2. How Well Do We Set Ourselves Up To Succeed?

    3. The Next Positive Step

    4. Moving Forward Requires A State Of Mind

    5. How Can We Add Value In Our Role? This Is A Good Start!

    6. Solopreneur Mindset

    7. Our Right Path

    8. Change

    9. Acquiring Knowledge While Building Relationships

    10. A Business Lesson From Sport (2)

    11. Trial And Learn

    12. That Conversation

    13. Making The Best Of It

    14. Five Questions For A New Year

    15. Curiosity As A Conscious Choice

    16. Confidence From Knowledge

    17. Mental Models And Frameworks

    18. Learning In The Less Than Ideal

    19. Trying New Creating New

    20. Replenish

    21. Our Role Our Business

    22. Please Don't Elaborate

    23. Acumen Development, Emotional Energy

    24. Change is The Deal

    25. Accumulating To Accumulate

    26. Out There

    27. Tell Me First

    28. Clarity

    29. Keeping Them In The Loop

    30. Messaging

    31. Simplicity

    32. Keeping Focused And Engaged

    33. Selling To Business Leaders

    34. Familiarity With Financials

    35. Activities Underpinning Value Propositions

    36. We Are All Selling

    37. Organised Thought

    38. Developed Agility

    39. Hearing Loudly

    40. About The Numbers

    41. Our Transmissions Their Perceptions

    42. Our Solutions Their Outcomes

    43. Being Upfront

    44. Quality Signals

    45. Embrace And Manage

    46. Helping Opportunity To Find Us

    47. Metrics

    48. Where Do We Stand Financially?

    49. Customer Selection

    50. Sector

    51. Adding Value

    52. Email Overload

    53. Business Partnering

    54. Four Ways To Improve Business Performance

    55. Distance Is Costly

    56. How Can Learning & Development Support Strategy

    57. Thinking Like A Business Leader

    58. Simplification

    59. Giving

    60. Times Of Need

    61. Vital Information

    62. Quality Of Service

    63. Knowing To Engage

    1. We Are That Author

    2. Choosing To Be All In

    3. The Conscious Pioneer

    4. How Well Do We Know Us?

    5. Give Me A Financial Snapshot

    6. Planned Thoughtful Engagement

    7. Thinking Energy Allocation

    1. Culture

    2. Our Most Valuable Capital

    3. A Commercial Lens On Procurement

    4. How Do We Improve Employee Engagement?

    5. This Fuels The Business Ecosystem

    6. Where Do We Stand In The Review Economy?

    7. Business Process Improvement

    8. How Robust Is Our Process?

    9. The Road To Outperformance

    10. What Platforms Have We Designed?

    11. A Business Lesson From Sport (1)

    12. Return On Investment In Overheads

    13. Data

    14. How To Empower Middle Management

    15. Its Also About What We Don't Do

    16. Recruit And Develop

    17. Moving Our Organisation Forward

    18. What Do You Mean They Don't Like People?

    19. Growing From Within

    20. Supporting The Shift

    21. Comfort With Fit

    22. Rewarding Division

    23. Equipping To Decide

    24. Influencing Those Perceptions

    25. Breaking It Into Chunks

    26. Investing In Motivation

    27. Growing To Grow

    28. Do We Really Want To Do This?

    29. When Effort Is Wanting

    30. Building To Serve

    31. Simplicity For Clarity

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What They Are Saying About Our Work

‘entertaining and easy to consume’

- Lynn Murphy, Chief Executive Officer 

'I loved the touches of humour and the clear and exciting storytelling to help with some of the explanations for things we should be considering'

- Chris Griffiths, Marketing Director 

'Thoroughly enjoyed Rob's way of presenting....and the few cameo appearances of his dog!'

- Mark Graham, CIO 

'Very much enjoyed learning from the authors many years of experience in business.

- Mevin Anenden, Senior Client Manager 

'I worked in the same firm as Rob, I cannot stress how valuable I have found his insight and energy. #leadershipdevelopment  #energy #motivation'

- Gahn Lane, Vice President Global Channel Partners

Enhancing Your Ability To Add Value

This resource hub focuses on developing and supporting all professionals.

  • Take Structured Moments To Reflect

  • Organise Your Thoughts

  • Plan And Evolve Your Career

  • Hone Strategic Thinking And Ability To Add Value

  • Enhance Commercial Skills

  • Better Understand Organisations

  • Understand Key Financials

  • Learn Handy Practical Techniques For Operational Use

  • Equip Yourself To Enhance Execution

  • Inspire Others Confidence

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Your Facilitator

Rob Evans

Highly Experienced International Business Executive

Real World Operational Focus

Rob's content, insights and methodologies encapsulate the lessons of over three decades of international business experience and related research, observation and reflection. 

In a rich and varied international business career Rob has been:

  • Operationally engaged with over 150 businesses around the world
  • Closely involved in over 50 actual or potential acquisition transactions
  • A part of a senior management team that grew a South African domestic business into a dual listed technology group employing over 8,500 people and operating in over 80 countries
  • Nominated for the South Africa CFO Of The Year Award when serving as Chief Financial Officer of a $6.5 Bn turnover group  

'I had the pleasure of working with Rob Evans whilst at Logicalis and I can't speak more highly about him. Not only is Rob incredibly insightful and knowledgeable, he is a genuine person and great fun to be around. Love his stuff.'

- Gary Lomas, Sales Director at Onnec Group

'I am a huge fan of Rob and encourage you to check this out, he has great insights  #improvedoutcomes'

- Gahn Lane, Vice President Global Channel Partners And Alliances at Pindrop

'Rob has very strong strategic and operational credentials having worked extensively around the world and held a wide range of financial, operational and M&A roles'

- Extract From Corporate Stock Exchange Announcement

'I would thoroughly recommend Rob's courses. He is a very successful and astute business leader with a wealth of experience to share.'

- Mark Graham, CIO at The Counselling Foundation

'Fantastic Practical Learning Experience'

- Mevin Anenden, Senior Client Manager at Logicalis

'All the critical issues we face in building a business are dealt with cleverly and interestingly'

- Chris Griffiths, Marketing Director at Travel A La Carte Ltd

'Rob has packaged his experience and research into a well thought out framework, delivered in an entertaining and easy to consume way'

- Lynn Murphy, Chief Executive Officer at Plugable Technologies

'Plenty of food for thought. It gets you to think of how you are running the business and gives you ways of improving'

- Ian Edwards, Business Manager at The Westgrove Group

'Loving the inspirational videos Rob!'

- Iqbal Singh Bedi, Founder Of Award Winning Intelligens Consulting

'Great Rob! Thanks to share so many content, rich content!'

- Ernesto Schlesinger, Founder Partner at Jequitiba Investimentos

'Rob Evans #Kudos. Thank you for always bringing your best self to work #InspirationalLeader.'

- Faizal Bahemia, Chief Commercial Officer at Innobox and Co-Founder of BGlam

'Liking your new venture very much and am sure will give you lots of great satisfaction helping people achieve even more'

- Subhash Ramatour, Finance Director at Macks Ltd

'Rob Evans Friday moments - genuinely some absolute gems of knowledge and tough questions to ask yourself all backgrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet'

- Chris Gabriel, Chief Strategy Officer  at Sapphire Systems

'I look forward to your Question on a Friday Rob Evans'

- Gary Swale, Chief Engagement Officer at Inspirze Context Technology

'The second day of the 12 International MHRA Conference was opened with the amazing presentations by Rob Evans and Carlamaria Tiburtini.'

- Macedonian Human Resources Association (MHRA)

'Great session Rob. The ability to simplify and make sense of our complex and uncertain world is vital for leaders. Thank you.'

- Bob Morton, Past President at World Federation Of People Management Associations (WFPMA)

'Thanks to Rob Evans for being a fantastic co-panelist.'

- Carlamaria Tiburtini, Senior HRBP at Avio Aero - a GE Aviation Business

'Pleasure working with you!'

- Illya Baranyuk, Intern at MHRA

'Surrounding yourself with the people that will help push challenge and support you is so important - especially when you work on your own. Thanks for a great meeting Rob, I'm truly energised now!'

- Theresa Carnall, Marketing Coach at TBC Marketing